Hair Rx Statement on CoronaVirus  


(last update 4/24)


Should you get your hair serviced during the COVID-19 outbreak? 


Currently no restrictions are in place for our business and no known presumptive positive cases in the area, so the choice to come see us will be one based on what’s best for you. The safety of our staff and clients is our top priority, and we will adhere to all public mandates and guidance. The CDC has outlined those at high risk here. You can read below the several steps Hair Rx is taking to keep our salon safe and the changes we've made to increase the distance between you and other customers.


On whether or not to cancel haircuts, Crystal Watson, a senior scholar at the Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security noted: “Those are more one-on-one interactions. I think there’s a lower likelihood that exposure is going to occur that way. I don’t think that’s a big concern.” But there is a lot of information out there and we understand it is a personal choice. But we want to ensure you we are doing all we can to make the salon safe and we will be happy to get you rescheduled once things calm down—we will be here.

Salon Safety Changes for CoronaVirus At Hair Rx 

In addition to our already high standards of sanitizing all hair equipment exceeding the requirements of the Colorado State Board, we are currently performing the following:

  • Sanitizing and disinfecting of all chairs, shampoo bowls, and related surfaces before and after every client

  • Hourly sanitization of common areas, front door handles, retail area and restrooms

  • Reduction of staff and salon layout changes to ensure maximum distance between customers and reduce total number of people in the salon at once

  • Nightly deep cleaning of the entire salon

  • Creating distance between clients within the salon wherever possible

  • Having sanitizer and disinfecting wipes available for your use

  • Our stylists will not be coming to work if they are displaying any symptoms of any illness; have been in recent contact with anyone has been ill or shown symptoms (any illness, coronavirus or otherwise)

  • Performing standard daily temperature checks even with no symptoms prior to their shift, and will not perform any services if their temperature is elevated. 

  • Temporary removal of coffee bar and snack station and suspending beverage service (sorry, but less surface-to-surface touching! You are welcome to bring in your own beverage)

  • Temporary suspension of all facial and face related services until further notice  

  • Removal of our 24 hour cancellation policy

  • ***We will no longer be accepting cash for the time being

What we are asking of you:

  • Please don’t come to the salon sick and practice the well covered common-sense rules of personal hygiene 

  • Please do not arrive early to your appointment—if you do, consider checking in and waiting in your car if your stylists is not ready to see you just yet, we hope to avoid too much waiting in the common areas.  

  • Come alone—we strongly discourage bringing any other person with you, including children to wait while you get your service done.

  • Patience and understanding— we are going to make every possible effort to honor your service appointment or get you scheduled in a timely matter. But in order to provide a safe environment and/or comply with health regulations there will naturally be last minute changes we will need to try and make the best out of. 

  • If you decide to come see us–relax. We are working hard to ensure Hair Rx is as safe as possible, and we want your service to be escape from the stress that surrounds us.

Dear Hair Rx Family:

There are many flattering characteristics and qualities of a hair stylist, but unfortunately being capable of keeping a ‘social distance’ would not be among them. However, we are still taking as many precautions as possible to create a safe and clean environment at Hair Rx during these challenging days.

While tending to your roots is undoubtedly very low on your bunker prep list, we wanted keep you informed that we will reopen soon, and the steps we are taking at the salon to address this unprecedented situation and provide you service once we do. We recognize it is still an evolving situation and will adjust as to what is best for the safety of our employees and our customers.  

Know we value you as a client and cherish your loyalty, and we will continue to make decisions based on the recommendations of the CDC and local health officials. Additional updates will be posted on this page. Of course we completely understand if you would like to reschedule your appointment and are happy to do so, but kindly request your patience and understanding as we try and accommodate as many clients as possible in an uncertain environment.


We are asking that if you aren't feeling well to please reschedule your service. We will not be able to service anyone with flu-like symptoms. We will be sending staff home if they appear ill. Several of the precautions we are taking are outlined on, and you have any questions or concerns, please feel contact me directly at




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