Design Me Power Me Dry Blowdry Mist


Design.ME Power Dry Me is handy for hair styling. It decreases the time it takes to blow dry by as much as 50 percent. Puff Me Dry Me spray forms a thin layer around the fibers of your hair. This provides better alignment and helps prevent the entrapment of water molecules that could be caused by tangling. This mist causes excess water to bead out instead of soaking into hair. It helps provide better frizz control. The hair product also gives protection against heat and UV rays. Design.ME Hair Power Dry Me is a lightweight micro-emulsion mist that offers heat and UV protection Puff Me hair product cuts blow drying time in half Provides better frizz control Prevents water from being entrapped due to tangling Helps smooth and condition hair

INGREDIENTS PowerDry.ME is a microemulsion which forms a lubricious thin layer around the hair fibers providing better alignment of the fibers thus preventing entrapment of water molecules due to tangling.

Design Me Power Me Dry Blowdry Mist

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