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brittany peterson


“The best part of being a stylist is being able to create confidence and happiness for each person that sits in my chair, and know that you can change someone’s life with even the smallest touch.”

In 2010 Brittany Peterson graduated from Pickens Technical College and officially began her career in the hair industry.  However, Brittany’s passion for hair started much before that.  Brittany's grandmother and mother were her first models, styling their hair from an early age.  As she grew older, Brittany’s interest in the industry also continued to grow, and with the support from her family and friends she decided to pursue it as a career.  Shortly after graduating from Pickens Technical College, Brittany joined a local chain of Regis owned salons.  While she was employed by Regis Corporation, her passion led her to achieve over 500 hours of diversified training and education.  This achievement allowed her to move into an Educator position with the Regis Design Team for the Denver Metro area.  These skills have helped her become a stronger stylist that strives to perfect her skills behind the chair. Brittany excels at formal and bridal styles as well as trend haircuts and mens grooming. Her passion for mens cutting led her to receive her barber license in early 2016. In her spare time she can be found spending time with her husband, friends and family.  Brittany also loves to snowboard, craft and snuggle with her babies—she and her husband have two beautiful little girls.

303.680.7121  //  18525 E Smoky Hill Rd, Ste C  //  Centennial, CO 80015

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