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Hair Rx has several different options for hair extensions to suit every budget and hair type. After discussing your desired result during your complimentary consultation, we choose the method, length, thickness and color needed to complete the service. This also determines the cost, which typically ranges from $800-$2500 for a full application depending on the appropriate method; we require a 50% deposit. Please note that not all hair types may be suitable for extensions, something that will be discussed during the consultation. Your hair should be a minimum of at least 3 inches in length.

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Babe's Tape-in Hair Extensions 

This method is great for most hair types, including short, thin and fragile; we do not recommend this method for curly hair. Customized color and custom blending into current haircut is included. With proper maintenance, extensions can last for several months. Regular maintenance is required at an additional cost of $100 per hour; the tape will be removed and replaced. A full application starts at approximately $800, and will depend on length and thickness, and takes one-two hours to complete. 


Custom Clip-in Extensions

This method is great for most hair types, including short, thin and fragile, as well as curly. We choose a  customized color and recommend a blending haircut to ensure a seamless integration with your natural hair. This method is preferred for special occasions, or for individuals seeking less of a commitment. We also recommend this method for our younger clientele. A full application starts at $250. We need approximately one hour to show you how to place them in your hair, and to blend them.


Babe's Hand-tied Wefts

Once again, this method uses 100% human hair from Babe. While wefts have been around for a long time, hand-tied wefts gained popularity more recently. They don't have as much customization as tape-ins, but they're fantastic for people who have a very active lifestyle and wear their hair up or get their hair wet often. The hand-tied wefts are initially more expensive, but may save on maintenance as it has to be done less often and typically doesn't require new hair for maintenance. Alissa is our in-house Babe certified technician. Call today to schedule a consultation.



Please come in for a complimentary consultation to determine which method is best for you!



How long should I expect my extensions to last? 

The longevity of extensions depends on how well they are maintained at home. Your stylist will provide you with a consent form that describes maintenance in great detail to ensure they last as long as you want them.


Will I have to come in for maintenance, and if so, how often? 

Extension shedding is normal, and as hair grows out, the beads, tape and wefts will be lower than their original placement. Your extensions will need maintenance every 3-6 months. This will include replacement of beads/tape, replacement of lost extensions, and blending. 


Will my head itch? 

Tape-in extensions are typically very comfortable, and are minimally felt. The beaded extensions can take a full week to adjust to the feel of them on your scalp. They can itch, and may initially be uncomfortable, but that feeling will subside.


How long does the process take? 

A full hand-tied application takes approximately three hours, but may differ individually. Tape-in applications take approximately one hour.


Will you be able to match the extensions to my current hair color? 

We can either match the extensions to your current color, or color both your hair and the extensions to your desired color. The service can be done on the same day. The price of the color service on your natural hair is not included in the price of your extensions.


Will you remove the extensions when I am ready for them to come out? 

Extension removal and maintenance is $100 per hour, and removal takes approximately one hour to complete.


Where does this hair come from? 

We exclusively use Babe Hair Extensions, which is high quality, 100% human hair that we order from several premium distributors.




ALLERGY NOTICE / DISCLAIMER: The beads used to bond each strand of hair are lined with silicone to assist in adherence. If you are allergic to silicone, this may cause an unpleasant scalp reaction. Please provide this information to your stylist during your consultation, alternative methods are available. 



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